Announcement on Distribution of First Rewards for the Winning Bidders in the DOT Slot Auction Project of Phala has distributed the first PHA rewards for the Winning Bidders in the DOT Slot Auction Project of Phala (PHA). Users who have successfully participated in the DOT Slot: Lock-up DOT & Earn PHA can check the reward distribution details at “My Wallets”– section “My Billing Details”. Phala Rewards for Winning Bidders:
1. Reward currency: PHA
2. On-chain lock-up/(unlock) date: 2022-03-11 (+672 days)
3. Reward distribution: 1 DOT: 24 PHA
4. Reward releasing rules: The interest will be distributed to users once every 14 days after the first sum of interest distribution. So far, 21.65% of the interest has been released to users, and the remaining rewards will be unlocked spontaneously within 96 weeks as of the on-chain lock-up date. reserves the right to the final interpretation of the activity. If you have any questions, please reach out to our online chat support.

Thank you!

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August 23rd, 2022



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