Fans Welfare Week: Refer to Your Fans, Share up to $30,000

Thanks to all the bloggers who have shown long-term support and helped promote the brand. We specially hold this event for you to share airdrop rewards with your community. Join now and get a bigger share from the prize pool!

Duration: Aug 23rd – Sep 6th, 2022
Please fill out the following form:

Activity 1: Community Fans Surprise: Bring a prize pool of up to $10,000 to your community:
– Step 1: Create content for to share with your community
You can create a video or graphic to introduce it and post it on all platforms, whether in images or videos, both are accepted. Note: The content posting must include the hashtag: “#Gateio”.
– Step 2: Forward the content to your community. We encourage you to choose a topic about the benefits of joining or what you like best about! After the content release, please forward the content to your community and invite users to register on through your referral link. (
Rewards for new users: The community fans rewards are as follows:

– Trading volume = buys + sells (spot or futures)
– New users need to complete KYC and generate a valid transaction of not less than $1,000.

Activity 2: Rewards for inviters: share up to $20,000 & get opportunities to be one of our Gate Influencers
After inviting new friends to participate in activity #1, you will receive the following rewards:

– Users who invite more than 5 new people and own social media channels with more than 500 fans or group chats with more than 500 members will have the opportunity to cooperate with Gate Influencers.
– Lucky prizes will be randomly drawn by registration system background.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Rewards will be distributed through equivalent tokens and distributed to the winners’ accounts. The transaction can be viewed at “My Wallets” – “My Billing Details”;
2. Participants must agree and comply with terms & conditions. Any defamatory content or actions against the brand are strictly prohibited;
3. reserves all rights to the final decision.

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