CryptoWeekend Bonanza: Win 1 ETH, Startup Whitelist & Share Mega Prizes!

Dear users,
We would like to share with you this big news: there is a 100% chance of winning prizes at CryptoWeekend Bonanza!
As long as you complete the simple tasks and get the chances to draw prizes, you will definitely win the prize! Besides, we have added more amazing prizes to the prize pool! More chances to draw are available for you to unlock the rewards, 1 ETH, Startup Whitelist and more mega prizes! Without further ado, click the button and get started:

Activity period: From 16:00 UTC on Friday to 16:00 UTC on Sunday every week

How to participate:
Step 1: Visit the activity page
Step 2: Complete the tasks and win the draw chances
Step 3: Click “Draw” to win prizes

Users need to complete the following tasks to win draw chances. Up to 14 draw chances are available for each participant every week (except for the Activity-sharing Task).

Task 1: Weekly Trading Task
Up to 2 chances can be won!
With a total of $500 and more in spot trading from 16:00 UTC on Sunday to 16:00 UTC on Friday, participants will receive 1 draw chance as soon as the campaign starts. When the total trading volume hits $3,000 and more, participants will receive 2 draw chances.

Task 2: Limited-time Trading Task
Up to 4 chances can be won! With a total of $200 and more in spot trading from 16:00 UTC on Friday to 16:00 UTC on Sunday, participants will receive 1 draw chance.
The more trading volume during the CryptoWeekend, the more draw chances you will get:

Task 3: Referral Task
Invite 1 new user with KYC2 (Verification Plus) during the event period, and you will receive 1 draw chance.
Each user can invite up to 5 new users, and get up to 5 draw chances.

Task 4: New User Register & Trading Task
New users who register on and complete KYC2 (Verification Plus) during the event period will receive 1 draw chance.
If their spot trading volume reaches at least $50 during the campaign, new users can receive 1 more draw chance.

Task 5: Activity-sharing Task
Participants who share the activity on Twitter will receive 1 draw chance. (This task is only available for the first-time sharing)

1. The “CryptoWeekend Bonanza” is a weekly event, and the activity period is from 16:00 UTC on Friday to 16:00 UTC on Sunday every week.
2. Trading volume = buy volume + sell volume
3. Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the campaign ends. The winner announcement will be released in News.
4. The Sub-Accounts and a Master Account will be treated as the same account.
5. The reward will be in ETH, VIP1, random tokens and points. The points are valid for 15 days, and the validity period of VIP1 lasts 7 days; VIP1 will be set for 7 days only once, which can’t be accumulated if participants have drawn the prize of VIP1 more than once.
6. Any cheating behavior is prohibited. An occurrence of any dishonesty will result in the disqualification of the prizes.
7. Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.
8. reserves all rights to the final explanation.
9. This event is not affiliated with Apple Inc.

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