Copy Trading Weekly Report

Dear Users,
In order to help the copiers better understand the copy trading functions, the platform will display weekly trader data, which includes the average ROI of traders and the Top 10 traders in ROI amount.
Special note: The weekly report is only for data representation and does not imply any advice on investment.

Weekly report data shows: the average ROI, ROI of current traders, comparison with the average ROI in the current market, and the average ROI that traders can help copiers to achieve.
In addition, also shows the Top 5 traders in ROI per week, and the level of ROI that corresponding traders can help the copiers to achieve. The copiers, with the data presented, can then choose whether to copy according to the actual situation or not.

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Weekly report data indicator description
Statistics Duration: 2022.08.15~2022.08.19
Indicator description:The average trader ROI is the average ROI calculated based on samples with an ROI greater than 0



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