Faster And Easier To Upgrade: Copy Trading Traders Quick- upgrade Competition #2

As the Copy Trading-Upgrade Competition #1 has ended, we have selected traders 【币圈浩博】、【2022暴钱小弟】to get them upgraded. After the event, we received a lot of traders ‘ feedback that they were looking forward to the 2nd upgrade event. So we hereby plan the Copy Trading-Upgrade Competition #2 and expect more traders to actively participate.

Duration: 2022.08.19 11:00:00 (UTC) ~ 2022.08.30 11:00:00 (UTC)

Activity Form:


Note: In order to protect the welfare of more traders, users who have participated in the Upgrade Competition#1 and have successfully upgraded will not be able to participate in this event.

<1>Traders of the same level can be directly and automatically upgraded once they rank Top 3 in three or more indicators of the six: [Total Equity], [AUM], [ROI], [ROI Amount], [Maximum Drawdown Rate], [Win Rate].
<2>Users who become traders during the campaign period can get the new trader benefits. Among all new traders, according to the ranking of the above 6 indicators, we will select the new traders with the best ranking overall in all indicators to give him/her an additional upgrade place.


<1> A unified ranking and announcement will be made on the last day of the event. There are a total of 4 places for upgrade. If a rising star trader meets Rule 2 and also meets the upgrade requirements of Rule 1, the upgrade quota will not be passed to the next user;
<2> If the ranking of a certain indicator is the same, then we will compare other indicators in the order of [total equity, ROI, AUM, ROI Amount, win rate, maximum drawdown rate] ; there will be no juxtaposition;
<3> Traders of different levels must meet the conditions of the following indicators at the same time, otherwise the ranking is invalid.

<4>After the end of the event, traders of different levels need to increase the trading volume by 10% compared to the beginning of the event during the competition period. reserves the right of final interpretation of this event!



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