Is All Set To Go Live With Midgard Saga Box

At 10:00 AM (UTC) 19th August 2022, Midgard Saga Box will go live on platform.
There will be a total of 500 NFT to be listed and sold at a unit price of 49.9 USDT. These NFT are very limited and hence, they will be distributed on a first come,first serve basis.

Purchase Address:
Duration: Aug 19th, 2022 10:00 AM — Aug 23th, 2022 10:00 AM(UTC)

Issuer Introduction

In the spring of Miral 1600, the capital of Midgard was thrown into chaos. Hodr, the Dark Lord, seized the throne with the help of the Vanir Empire. And Crowe, the King of Midgard, was secretly killed.
Fortunately, King Crowe’s children managed to survive the ordeal. Princess Linna, Crowe’s adopted daughter, was saved by the Great Sage Blean, while Prince Forseti narrowly escaped the killing because he was on an expedition in Eton.
Just as King Hodr thought everything was set in stone, the Vanir Empire turned against him and attacked Midgard.
The chaotic situation gave Forseti the opportunity to fight back with the support of the former Midgardian Royal Guards and Knights.

Special benefits
To celebrate the launch of Midgard Saga on September 19, 2022, Yeeha Games has teamed up with to prepare a special gift for their users. Users who mint the mystery box (worth 49.90 USDT each) within the first 24 hours of the sale on will receive exclusive limited-time rewards.

Event Period
Aug 19, 2022, 10:00 AM(UTC) – Aug 20, 2022, 10:00 AM(UTC)

Event Rewards
1. 500 points (equivalent to 50 USDT worth of platform tokens) on Yeeha Games.
2. 1 Void Hero Shard NFT (Users may craft a Void Hero with 3 different Void Hero Shards)
Yeeha Games points (10 points = 1 USDT worth of tokens) will be credited to the users’ Yeeha Games account latest by September 15, 2022.

Event Rules
1. Only users who mint the Midgard Saga Mystery Box on within the first 24 hours of the sale are eligible.
2. After minting the mystery box, users must transfer it from their account to their Yeeha Games Wallet ( on the Binance Smart Chain.
3. Users who fail to transfer the mystery box within the event period will not receive the additional rewards.

How to Get Your Yeeha Games Wallet Address
1. Sign up for a Yeeha Games account using your Email
2. Log in to your Yeeha Games account and click [Wallet] to view your [Wallet Address].
3.Midgard Saga will be released on September 8, 2022. All Midgard Saga NFT Mystery Boxes will be automatically opened once the game goes live.
Once the mystery box is opened, users will receive either a Void Hero NFT or a Void Gear NFT. Every user has a 10% chance to get an additional Void Hero Shard NFT. Simply put, a Void Hero Shard NFT is guaranteed for every 9 mystery boxes opened.

Terms and Conditions
Yeeha Games reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions at any time, including but not limited to cancelation, extension, termination or suspension of the event and modification of eligibility terms and criteria. All participants shall be bound by these amendments.
In case of conflict of information, please refer to the official website for the most updated news.

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