’s Lending & Single-Asset Vault, A 7-Day Annualized Yield Up To 494.44%

Today, the STG lending pool has the highest 7-day annualized yield, reaching 494.44%; the SUN lending pool has the highest lending ratio, up to 55.43%; the USDT lending pool has the highest total lending volume at 6,773,810 USDT.

Launched in 2021,’s Lending & Single-Asset Vault platform supports deposits and withdrawals at any time, without the risk of impermanent loss. Safe, reliable and easy for users to trade. Users can earn money by depositing idle assets into single-currency mining pools to provide liquidity.

More info at Lending & Single-Asset Vault ( is planning to list single-currency lending pools one by one).
Join the LM N Lending & Single-Asset Vault Telegram Group to better communicate and discuss with friends and get the latest information on liquidity mining.

*Learn more about Lending & Single-Asset Vault:
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(2)How to participate in liquidity mining on website
(3)Your new investment option: A Complete Guide to [Lending & Single-Asset Vault]

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September 13th,2022



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