Lets Criss-Cross Our Way To $20 Worth Of Tokens!

Hey Guys,
To get your mind off all the slumps in the market, its another exciting criss-cross puzzle. If you have played the game in the past weeks, you know the drill, but if youre new here….read on!

the Gate.io Criss-Cross Puzzle, you can win $20 worth of tokens if you can
solve a simple puzzle. The puzzle is all about finding the names of the
latest projects that we have listed on the Gate.io platform. Will we be giving you some hints around the project and you will figure out their names? Yes of course!
Our criss-cross puzzles are in honour of
Gate.io Startup program which has benefited millions of our users by
giving them chance to participate in the early investment rounds of some
really amazing projects.

How to participate?
Well, all you need to do is, check out our Gleam Contest in the link
below and perform the tasks listed over there. If your answers are
correct and you have performed all the tasks, we will be depositing $20 worth of tokens in your Gate.io account within 14 working days.

Gleam participation link

Contest ends on the 19th of September so hurry!



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