Fiat Gateway — Buy Crypto With 1% Payment Fees using PIX via Simplex

To celebrate the launch of PIX payments, and Simplex are jointly organising a campaign that allows you to buy crypto with 1% fees from now until Sep 21, 2022 (UTC).

During the activity period, anyone (including new and existing users) who buys crypto with Brazilian Real (BRL) via Simplex on will enjoy 1% payment fees using PIX! Now is your chance to buy your crypto at a lower price!

Activity Period: 09.14 – 09.21.2022 (UTC)

How to Participate:
Go to ‘Buy Crypto’ > ‘Credit Card’ > choose ‘Simplex’. (
– During the activity, the Simplex page will display the price with 1% fees for PIX payment method, and users can purchase directly.
– Please click to register/log into your Account.

1. All deposits on the platform will undergo rigorous inspection during the activity.
2. Any malicious acts conducted during the activity period, including malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, participation through multiple accounts etc. will be dealt with accordingly. The platform will cancel the qualification of the participants.
3. has all rights reserved.

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