will list ITSBLOC(ITSB) is going to commence ITSBLOC(ITSB) trading at 09:00 AM (UTC) on September 19th, 2022.

ITSBLOC is a P2E game platform focused on providing Play-focused Enjoyable Contents and rewards so that global users can focus on what they enjoy beyond the existing P2E. ITSBLOC platform delivers various benefits and values to users by accommodating game IPs of various genres, such as global MMORPG games, social casinos, and shooting (FPS) games.
The first game to be on-chain is the renewed version of well-known MMORPG , which already has over 700,000 global users. This renewed version was already launched on Google Play for balance test on August 4th and ranked No.1 in Google Play about 2 weeks in Korea market. The official version is scheduled to be on-chain to the ITSBLOC platform at the end of October.
ITSBLOC has systems to prevent Hyper Inflation, a chronic problem of most P2E platforms, in addition to the introduction of game IP with excellent gameability. These include the introduction of stablecoins and the introduction of a season system. In addition, various systems are introduced to ensure the sustainability of the platform. ITSBLOC is a PNE (Play eNjoy Earn) platform that creates a structure that naturally earns as much as the user enjoys the game through the perfect balance of the three aspects of gameability, continuity, and expandability.

Token symbol: ITSB

Trading starts: at 09:00 AM (UTC) on September 19th, 2022.

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