Clarification Statement (英文版)

Clarification Statement (英文版)

On 7 May 2020, a press release was issued and subsequent media coverage commented on the relationship between BC Group and its Group company, OSL, and Monsoon Blockchain Partners. This statement clarifies inaccuracies in the press release and media coverage.

BC Group, like other innovative fintech businesses, routinely engages in confidential exploratory and preliminary discussions with third parties in relation to potential business development opportunities. As is common practice, such discussions are usually conducted under confidentiality agreements or preliminary agreements to protect the interests of parties.

In the present case, such preliminary confidential discussions had occurred between BC Group Monsoon Blockchain Partners. However, contrary to incorrect recent reporting, BC Group and OSL have not entered into any deal or formal transaction with Monsoon Blockchain Partners to create, issue or launch digital assets and/or tokens, or to develop any blockchain-related projects.

About BC Group and the OSL Platform

BC Group (stock code: HK 863) is Asia’s leading public fintech and digital asset company. It is the parent company of OSL, the region’s most comprehensive digital asset platform.

OSL is the region’s premier institutional gateway to global digital asset capital markets, and provides Software-as-a-Service, brokerage, exchange and custody services for institutions and professional investors. In a world first for a listed, digital asset-focused business, BC Group is ‘Big-Four’-audited, and fully compliant with industry leading anti-money laundering and know-your-customer standards.

The strategic vision of BC Group and the OSL platform is to drive the next generation of Asia’s capital markets with digital assets, setting standards for performance, security and compliance. For more information: and

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